Milk Sausage Gravy

This milk sausage gravy is perfect over a nice warm buttermilk biscuit.

6 oz bulk breakfast sausage (we like to use a spicy variety)
2 T flour
2 T bacon grease or butter (if needed)
1 cup milk
salt (to taste)

Cook breakfast sausage in a medium sauce pan over medium to medium high heat until it is thoroughly cooked and the sausage has rendered as much fat as possible. Remove sausage and "eyeball" the fat left in the pan. If it is less than 2 tablespoons, add enough butter or bacon grease to make up the difference. Stir in flour and whisk together. Cook, whisking constantly, for one to two minutes. Slowly add milk, incorporating thoroughly, and allow to cook until mixture begins to thicken.

Add sausage back to milk mixture. Taste and add salt, if needed. Keep warm until ready to use.

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