Creme de Cassis/Kir

Creme de Cassis, black currant liquor, is a Burgundian specialty. Mixed with a white burgundy, it makes a great summer drink! We used red currants for our recipe.

Creme de Cassis/Kir
adapted from A Little French Cookbook by Janet Laurence

2 cups currants, stalks removed, washed
4 cloves
1 inch cinnamon stick
3 cups vodka

Place prepared currants in a large glass jar, add the cloves and cinnamon, cover with spirit, shake well, and leave to infuse for at least two months. From time to time, give the jar a good shake.

When well flavored, strain off liquid. For every two cups, stir in 1 cup sugar, mixing until dissolved. Bottle and drink as liquor, use for kir, pour over icecream, or use to flavour desserts.

The ideal proportions for kir are one part cassis to five parts white Burgundy. In practice it is simplext to pour a small measure of cassis into a glass and fill up with the wine.

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